Easyballz is a newly invented training equipment that has been tested by TÜV (Technical Monitoring Association). Easyballz is applicable for the following purposes:

  • Effective training with low resistance weightEasyballz-(3)
  • Training without the use of joints
  • each group of muscles of the upper body is trained separately
  • Striving to achieve strong muscles without the use of heavy weights
  • Achieve the exact purpose of the rehabilitation training
  • psycho-therapeutic training
  • Training on the principle of rotation of attraction

I. Problem

All exercises to strengthen muscles and build upper body charged over the muscles of the forearm. This is caused by the use of secondary muscles each time the pulling or pushing motion. So when there is training in the area of the back, shoulder, arm and chest muscles with a heavy load of weight, this leads to problems in the tendons, ligaments muscles, tendons of the forearm (eg. Brachioradialis, flexor radial wrist) and muscles of the shoulder (muscle supraspinatus, infraspinatus muscle) and eventually to painful injuries (elbow, golf and tennis).

In addition, when gripping the bar or handle, for example. When training biceps set in motion barbell with weights does not reach the 100% target muscle groups. By grasping trains muscles secondary. Grabbing and holding firm grip requires strength. The muscles of the forearm and hand are involved in the handling of the motion. This means that even if the secondary muscles are used. This causes the effect in which all power inserted in the bicep workout is divided also on the forearm and at the same time wasted.

To avoid overloading the muscles of the forearm share of these muscles must be minimized in relation to other muscle groups.



Training with Easyballz possible to reduce the share of the forearm muscles in exercises to strengthen the upper body by opening the hand at the moment of attraction and pressing motor. Easyballz equipment need not be as other gripped since it is secured between the fingers. Do not use your thumbs. Easyballz is located between the fingers and the toes are used as hooks.

Different balls Easyballz- single location (blue balls) between the fingers provide separate training other muscle groups. With all the exercises are not used much weight. By the introduction of small loads it takes such a setting arm, which is directed at it, trained to isolate muscles, while reducing their burden heavy weights. Such training with low resistance weight is effective and does not burden the joints.

From the point of view of physiotherapy and rehabilitation Easyballz point of application used for the following objectives:

  • The increase in the electrical potential of the target muscle with low resistance weightEasyballz-(1)
  • Minimize the burden on joints
  • Cognitive Activation by inhibiting automatic motor function
  • The sharp increase in internal and external coordination of muscles
  • Simple observation of unnecessary maneuvers
  • Fast restoration of damaged muscle and low resistance weight and selective isolation of muscles
  • Quick treatment of injuries at low load
  • The treatment of such common injuries like carpal tunnel shoulder
  • Strengthening of tendons


Equipment Easyballz is useful for many types of sport, where individual muscle groups separately, you can train:

  • biceps
  • triceps
  • arm
  • breast
  • back


The use of equipment Easyballz preventive effect on sports injuries, which often can be ruled out using training with low load weight.


EasyballZ Single

Price – 54 €

EasyballZ Double

Price – 100 €

Door handle easyballZ

Price– 3,9 €

Gum for easyballZ

Price– 6,9 €


Price– 4,5 €