Medivid CRYO Fluid

Medivid CRYO Fluid optimized cooling systems for treatment of sport injuries. Treatment of various types of injuries using cooling has been known and generally applied for many years now.


However, medical applications of cooling using various methods and products have not proven sufficiently effective. Medivid CRYO Fluid has been developed in order to make use of the therapeutic potential of cooling. Through its therapeutic features this Swiss product is effective as early as at the first application, ensuring a success that has not been seen so far.


Concept behind the Medivid CRYO Fluid

Medivid CRYO Fluid optimized the use of the medical potential of cooling using 4 specific effects. This leads to therapeutic superiority of Medivid CRYO Fluid over other methods and products.

  1. Cooling while maintaining full mobility – without pre-cooling

Medivid CRYO Fluid may be used anywhere and anytime. It does not require pre-cooling and it is ready for instant use. This way, in the case of an injury, Medivid CRYO Fluid allows for instant cooling.

  1. Cooling over 2-3 hours at temperatures 7-10 degrees lower than body temperature

Deep cooling thus obtained suffices for 2-3 hours and remains effective for another 30 minutes. Such an effect is not possible to obtain using any other method.

  1. Natural cooling without congestion

Medivid CRYO Fluid is natural in the cooling process: the cooling effect is gradually increased. This gentle way not only prevents damage to the skin, but Medivid CRYO Fluid cools without causing a thermal shock and other non-intentional effects. This way Medivid CRYO Fluid remains effective in a continuous way and not for the recommended 20 minutes, as in other methods.

  1. Deep cooling

Medivid CRYO Fluid cools not only the skin, but also the subcutaneous tissues. Cools, where there is the need for immediate action.


Each of these four advantages leads to measurable therapeutic success. Therapeutic superiority of Medivid CRYO Fluid over other products is a fact.

Instructions for use of Medivid CRYO Fluid

First aid


During first aid the RICE rule applies (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). Ice and Compression of particular importance, because they not only help to reduce pain and swelling of the area, but also the risk of inflammation.


In the case of more serious injuries, first minutes are crucial when it comes to the duration and progression of an injury. There is a simple rule in such cases: each of the ten minutes after the injury, which is not used to minimize the progress of an injury means one additional day of rehabilitation. The faster a medical product is used to cool down the aching place, the better and more effective first aid is. This means that a product must be available soon enough to immediately cool the affected area.


Advantages of Medivid CRYO Fluid at primary care


  • Quick availability and applicability

Dependence on cooling devices restricts the use of gel compresses, ice or frozen water – they require pre-preparation. Medivid CRYO Fluid may be used immediately without the need for pre-cooling.


Dressing may be applied quickly and hassle-free. Medivid CRYO Fluid Dressing cools without limiting the mobility of the injured person, and in the case of smaller trauma – allows them to continue physical activity.


  • Fast, reliable and natural cooling

In one use, within 2 minutes Medivid CRYO Fluid cools the area by 7-10 degrees below the body temperature. Natural type of cooling prevents skin damage. Moreover, mild form of cooling also protects against congestion. Cooling with Medivid CRYO Fluid does not cause thermal shock or other adverse reactions.

Ice, when it comes in contact with the skin, may damage the skin by rapid cooling. Even a cooling spray cannot be used directly on the skin. Ice or frozen water, when applied directly to the skin, leads to congestion: the heat reaches the supercooled area, blood vessels dilate, blood pressure increases, thereby the temperature deficit caused by cooling is compensated. This leads to an unintended effect: the area you want to cool, is in fact overheated.


  • Continuous cooling

Ice should not be used in a site of injury over a period longer than 10 minutes. Frozen or cold water quickly lose their temperature. Medivid CRYO Fluid acts without loosening its cooling effect over more than 3 hours, allowing for enough time to consult a physician.


 Using Medivid CRYO Fluid before exercise increases endurance, and after exercise – accelerates regeneration.

 Use of Medivid CRYO Fluid and performance in sports

 Anyone who is focused on achieving good results, whether a professional athlete or an ambitious amateur, can maintain or even increase performance through the use of cooling in two ways.

First, you can increase endurance of the athlete’s body by cooling before or during intensive training programs or stressful moments. This type of cooling allows for an increase in exercise duration (after 20 minutes and up to 60 minutes), and for the increase in ambient temperature.

From a physiological point of view, the use of cooling before or during physical activity leads to a reduction in body temperature, and therefore increases the heat accumulation in the body and thus delays the degradation in performance and increase of fatigue during exercise.

Secondly, cooling may contribute to accelerated body regeneration. Regeneration phase after extensive exercise is very important. Extensive physical effort alters the physiological processes in the body.  Optimum regeneration means the restoration of physiological balance of the body, and thereby prevents injury. Therefore, achieving excellence in sport requires not only hard training, but also optimal regeneration.

 Duration of regeneration of a person depends on many individual factors, such as stress levels, type of training, age, gender etc. The unquestionable fact, however, is that externally applied medicinal products can accelerate the process of bioregeneration.

From a physiological point of view, cooling applied after physical exercise contributes to the regeneration of muscle tissue. Due to high energy consumption, muscle cells need renewal. Lesser muscle damage occurring during exercise can cause inflammation, which must be cured. Cooling helps accelerate the treatment or even cure the injury.

The unique properties of Medivid CRYO Fluid allow for best possible cooling to increase performance in sports: increasing body endurance with the help of cooling before exercise, and accelerating recovery after physical activity.

The concept of Medivid CRYO Fluid as an aid in increasing endurance during physical activity by cooling before exercise


Cooling reduces body temperature and increases body heat accumulation capacity, which also leads to greater resistance. Positive results of cooling can be observed as soon as after 20 minutes after use, and may last for up to 60 minutes, which is largely dependent on ambient temperature. This interval can be extended by re-use during training or competition.


Of course, if the use of cooling during exercise is possible. Medivid CRYO Fluid may be used during physical activity, because does not restrict movement.  Medivid CRYO Fluid cools for up to 3 hours (depending on ambient temperature), so Medivid CRYO Fluid can lower the body temperature by more than the usual 60 minutes. That is why Medivid CRYO Fluid, and no other medical products, can increase body endurance.


Specific benefits of using Medivid CRYO Fluid before exercise:


  • Continuous cooling

Medivid CRYO Fluid cools continuously for up to 3 hours depending on ambient temperature. Within three minutes the injured place is cooled by 7-10 degrees with respect to body temperature.


  • Continuous use of cooling during physical activity

The use of dressings does not limit the mobility of athletes. It is also possible to use Medivid CRYO Fluid during physical activity.


The concept behind using Medivid CRYO Fluid to accelerate recovery after physical activity through cooling


The purpose of cooling after physical activity is to accelerate the regeneration of muscle tissue. Microinjuries are formed in muscles during each strenuous exercise and may result in inflammatory reactions. Muscle tissue needs time to regenerate after intense work. This can be accelerated by cooling.


The advantage of Medivid CRYO Fluid lies in the ability to be used directly on the sore spot. This allows regeneration to be carried out in a very precise manner.


Using Medivid CRYO Fluid does not preclude the use of other methods of regeneration, such as stretching. Medivid CRYO Fluid cools for up to 3 hours and may be used during any physical activity (provided that the dressing does not cause discomfort during movement).


Specific benefits from the use of Medivid CRYO Fluid after physical activity:


  • Local cooling

Medivid CRYO Fluid may be used locally, which allows for targeting the treatment and regeneration of muscle tissue.


  • Continuous cooling

Medivid CRYO fluid cools continuously for up to 3 hours. The injured area is cooled evenly over 3 minutes to a temperature of 7-10 degrees below body temperature.


It is possible to use cooling and other forms of regeneration (e.g. stretching). Medivid CRYO Fluid does not limit the freedom of movement.

Postoperative use


For many years now Medivid CRYO Fluid has been used in Swiss hospitals, it is also gaining popularity in Germany. If you are interested in using Medivid CRYO Fluid in postoperative medicine, please contact us at We can offer you help by providing research results, sample exercises and training.


Fluid Medivid CRYO enables continuous cooling of the body and therefore is suitable for use in postoperative care.


  • Continuous cooling

Medivid CRYO fluid cools continuously for up to 3 hours. The injured area is cooled evenly over 3 minutes to a temperature of 7-10 degrees below body temperature.


  • Continuous use

The use of Medivid CRYO Fluid can be repeated without the need to take breaks. First, the active substance does not irritate the skin and is completely hypoallergenic. Secondly, the type of dressing does not restrict patient’s movement.


  • Easy to use

Medivid CRYO Fluid is very easy to use – even by patients themselves. The dressing, soaked with the solution of the fluid and water, can be placed directly on the sore spot, and thus protect it by cooling. Medivid CRYO Fluid Set intended for hospitals may be positioned by the patient’s bed (without the need for placing in a refrigerator), so that, if necessary, it is always at hand.


Medivid CRYO Fluid is used successfully during rehabilitation, particularly after surgery it helps to speed up the regeneration process and reduce the risk of tissue inflammation. If you are interested in using Medivid CRYO Fluid in rehabilitation, please contact us at We can offer you help by providing research results, sample exercises and training.


Medivid CRYO Fluid ICE FLUID (in the picture: 100ml and 250ml)

Unique concentrate of the active agent is mixed with water in the 1:5 proportion. Medivid CRYO Fluid ICE FLUID has moisturizing effect, therefore it is very skin-friendly.

125ml is sufficient for 17 uses, while 600ml for 84 uses

price – 20 €(125 ml), 80 €(600 ml)

Small container 300 ml

Dressing may be stored in a container filled with fluid. Perfect for home use.

Large container 1.8 l

For medical practices, hospitals, associations or more frequent personal use. Container may house up to 7 dressings.

price – 28 €

Medivid CRYO Fluid dressing, 10 cm * 4 m

Cotton dressing ensures optimum absorption and effectiveness of the fliud. Cotton is 100% hypoallergenic. Dressing may be washed and re-used.

price – 2.40 €

Sponge base

Sponge base allows for full mobility, therefore it may be used under clothing or in bed.

price – 1.60 €

Medivid CRYO Fluid Forst Aid Set

Contains all necessary products for individual, instant aid:

  • Medivid CRYO Fluid Ice Fluid 100ml
  • Small container 300 ml
  • Medivid CRYO Fluid dressing
  • Sponge base

price – 28 €