About Us

We combine East and West

About Us

Jekl Trade is a Czech company focused on the development of business relations between East and West Europe. Its development strategy covers the whole world. The head office is located in the Czech Prague.

The management company is active in Warsaw (Poland), Hamburg (Germany), St. Gallen (Switzerland). We are present in the European Union (Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia), Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland.

Mainly we trade and supply various kinds of products, we focus on the fields of sports and rehabilitation. We have an exclusive contract and distribution of innovative products included in our commercial offer.

We work in partnership primarily with companies that implement innovative projects, such as: FM Medivid, Slashpipe, Easyballz.

We Offer


Rental properties, apartments and office space


Paramedical solution for topical application,
Fitness equipment and weight training


We own innovative paramedical products and new solutions from the world of sports and rehabilitation.


Thomas Maus
Vice President
Jarosław Piątek
Vice President
Jacek Wroński
Vice President
Bagher Pirouz
Vice President